Organic Hair Colours

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What are organic hair colours ?

More and more of our clients come to Organic Salon Dimensions looking for an organic hair colour to hide their greys or simply to add colour to their hair.

Organic hair colours is a commonly used term for what is in fact chemical free hair colours. These chemical free hair colours are becoming very popular because they are much gentler on the hair than those hair dyes that are easily purchased from the supermarket and are typically filled with harmful chemicals. Constant changing or treating you hair with chemically-loaded dyes causes brittleness and dryness of the hair. It can also cause burns to the scalp and surrounding skin. These chemicals can also be absorbed into the skin and trigger allergies and rashes on other unrelated parts of the body. If you have sensitive skin of any kind then we would highly recommend you avoid any regular hair colouring solutions that are heavy in man-made chemicals.

A healthier, gentler and more natural way to color your hair is using an “organic hair colour” – or effectively, a chemical-free hair colour treatment as we provide every day to our clients here at Organic Salon Dimensions.

The use of organic hair styling product is highly recommended by environmentalists since they are not gentle only to the human body, they also help in preserving our planet. The pollution due to chemicals from conventional hair products will be eliminated.

Chemical Free Hair Colours

When you’d like to try a colour that is really kind to your hair and scalp, try a chemical-free hair colour from Organic Salon Dimensions. Our colours will also improve the quality of your hair.

Not only will chemical free hair products give you your desired colour; they also come with an array of benefits that you just can’t get with chemical hair dyes:

Safety – Common hair dyes which can easily be bought in pharmacies or supermarkets, are typically full of sometimes toxic chemicals. These chemicals can trigger irritations, allergic responses and sometimes even burns to the skin.

Our colours are ammonia free  … which means no nasty smells, that make your eyes water, and no staining on the skin!

Traditional hair colours that are chemical based products can do a lot of harm to delicate hair, making it dry and weak. If you feel that you have unusually vulnerable hair or have damaged hair, harmful chemicals just aren’t right for you. Using ammonia free is gentler to your hair and scalp, not to mention your eyes and nose.

Try our chemical free hair colouring solutions.

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