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Rosanna Buontempo – Salon owner

Rosanna has been passionate about an organic lifestyle since 2000. She has always been draw to health and wellbeing and after being a hairdresser for 15 years she was curious to integrate this concept into her business.

If there was one bit of advice that Rosanna, salon owner could give to all her customers it is

to always look at the labels of whatever you’re purchasing as their are so many misleading products out there that claim to be organic and natural, however they often still contain chemicals that are long term detrimental to your endocrine system (which is your hormone creating system). She believes in the future that all salons should be running this way for the health and wellbeing of all.

Rosanna’s philosophy around eliminating chemicals from her diet and home made logical sense to integrate this into her business as salons can be one of the most toxic environments.

Rosanna has created a space which is as chemical free and organic in every aspect of hair, skin and makeup without compromising the quality of her work, whist trying to create a holistic experience for the client. She is passionate about how the salon would impact the environment and sees the value in the time spent and enjoys outsourcing products that are in alignment with her business that give professional results and that are predominantly Australian and not over the top in price.

She is finding more and more that clients are interested and happy with the results of being in a salon where all their hair and skin needs and wants are met, whilst not being overwhelmed by toxic fumes. their hair is left in better condition as colours and products used are a lot less aggressive on the hair, and in most cases due to the hair shaft not swelling so much, the colours last longer.

Introductory offer

$25 off shampoo, cut & blowdry

$50 off shampoo, cut, blowdry & any colour of your choice

along with beauty special
60 min  hydration organic facial $55

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Hair Treatments

When you’d like to try a colour that is really kind to your hair and scalp, try a chemical-free hair colour from Organic Salon Dimensions. Our colours will also improve the quality of your hair. Not only will chemical free hair products give you your desired colour; they also come with an array of benefits that you just can’t get with chemical hair dyes

About Hair Treatments

Skin Care

We choose to encourage our clientele to opt for Natural Organic Skin Care Products exclusively. We have a wide range of organic products and Natural Organic Skin Care Treatments that will effectively care for your skin problems depending on its cause. Organic Natural Skin Care ingredients that manufacturers use are typically rich in vitamins and non-manmade ingredients, and are chemical free

About Organic Skin Products

Make Up

At Organic Salon Dimensions we recommend to only use organic makeup products, thereby greatly reducing the risk of damaging your skin, and instead your skin is absorbing more organic nutrients and vitamins to keep it naturally healthy.

About Organic Make up

Zuii Organic

At Organic Salon Dimensions we only recommend and use 100% organic makeup products. All products are available at our salon.Zuii Certified Organics has embraced the essence of nature with a unique blend of Certified Organic Flora powders and ingredients to nurture protect and improve the health of your skin and the earth. Zuii’s timeless and evolving color palette is created with the benefits of certified organic floral ingredients, essential oils, vitamins and minerals to allow you to create any look you desire without the use of chemicals.

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Skin Care Workshop

How to look after your skin workshop

Lets get back to the basics of Skin Care …. in just 90 minutes you will learn why it is important to look after your skin, without the use of chemicals , and how to look after your skin properly. Highly recommended for young women, as this is a valuable time in life to set up long lasting routines for skin care.

This is a 2 hour workshop and are held on Mondays and Saturdays at a cost of $85 per person. (Minimum of 4 , maximum of 7) You can come individually or book a for a group of friends. Make up a group of 7 friends  and receive your Skin workshop for free

To Enquire about a Skin Care Workshop Call Us

Chemical Free Hair Colours

Our colours are ammonia free  … which means no nasty smells, that make your eyes water, and no staining on the skin! Traditional hair colours that are chemical based products can do a lot of harm to delicate hair, making it dry and weak. If you feel that you have unusually vulnerable hair or have damaged hair, harmful chemicals just aren’t right for you. Using ammonia free is gentler to your hair and scalp, not to mention your eyes and nose.

About Organic Hair Colours

Try our chemical free coloring solutions

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